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New Single from The Squareheads

When halden rock was conceived in the late 1970s, punk spirit was one of its origins,
the baby was of course not put in a manger in a stable, but in the back seat of a Cadillac in a
Thrond Asker was there from the beginning, Thrond and rock are simply integrated into
each other.
At The Squareheads, Big Daddys (Thrond) garage punk band were to release single on
Halden's revitalized punk/ new wave record label, New Noise, was obvious, not to
say luminescent.
Big Daddy has assembled a young new crew around him; Black Snake on wall to wall-
guitar, Andy on massive bass and Stiff Stick on percussion that turns to blood.
The result has been the battle cry that on the A-side asks the existential question
"Who ́s your Daddy?" and responds with the inevitable "Shout it out" on the b-side. Two
superior slicer with raw Halden-rock, the ultimate confirmation that fuzza Norwegian rock
started in Halden and has never stopped making noise.
"Who ́s your Daddy/ b/w Shout it Out" is NNS 14 and the seventh single since New
Noise's resurgence in the summer of 2019.
On luminous green vinyl in limited, numbered edition.
If it ain ́t New Noise, it's just noise.

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