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If it ain't New Noise, it's just noise

In 1979, New Noise released the first Norwegian punk single worth its saliva, Front Page's "Kick them/ Monster.". If you want a mint for your collection, you probably have to look a long time and expect to pay good bucks.

In the intense years that followed came six more singles, five albums and an EP
on New Noise. Most of the music was connected to the rock town of Halden, or was connected to the city via friendship and strong common interests.
New Noise' most successful release was the single
Fredrikstad pianist Lars Kilevold, "Life is too boring". A flabby reggae where The Young
Lords was a backing band, recorded in Claes Neeb's small studio in Tistedalen.
"Life is too boring" was left for months on the VG list and the title itself entered the Norwegian language as a phrase constantly uttered by people who see the hopelessness and ridiculousness of existence.

New Noise planned a full takeover of vg-lista with the sequel, Geir "Obal"
Johansen's "Working Day". A dubious Norwegian interpretation of Bruce Springsteen's "Factory."
The song also topped the breiale compilation album "The Big Voice of New Noise".
Until Bruce Springsteen got sneered at what was going on.
Almost precisely at the same time that Bruce found his way to Norway for the first time, in the spring of 1981,
message that "Workday" was not approved. (We had received the opposite message from Bruce's publishing house earlier). Thus, "The Big Voice of New Noise" had to be re-mastered, it is rumored that Ronny P has a test-pressing with "Work Day" in place?.
A large black cross became one above the track and the image of Obal on the cover, a clear demonstration of how pissed we were. The singles were to be destroyed, a task for which Obal was responsible. Hahaha!

One of the countless anecdotes that exist on "WorkDay" is that Obal should have
told an avid New Noise collector that if he sat on an unsigned copy of the record, it was a rarity that was much worth more than those with Obal's autograph!
New Noise also released records with Pedal O ́Dahli, The Flicker Twins, Saturday
Cowboys, The Cut, Tåm Box and Berg Brothers Band before silence subsided. Forty years.
Meanwhile, the record industry has taken the step of digital development,
the impotent streaming format and been the subject of a washed-up vinyl revival revival.
It was thus destined for New Noise to be resurrected, dusty and
crackling, from the rock trenches.

In June 2019, the wonder occurred, with the release of NNS8, Kalle Storm Andersen's
(Flicker Twin, Saturday Cowboy and Ghostrider) "Black ́n white town/ First day after
dead" On shiny blue vinyl. (If you want a mint copy for your collection, you must
probably look long and expect to pay good kroner).
From there it has gone like a clock, colourful singles with Iain Matthews & The
Salmon Smokers, Obal (finally), Onkel Tuka, Lise Backstrøm, and when this is written, NNS13 with Halden garage-rock band Mandalai Lamas.
But, as you who read this understand, it does not stop by 7 inches, of course
New Noise has ambitions to grow to 12 inches.
It has already happened with the creation of the company New Noise Album.
Which, if everything flaps, is going to roll forward in all directions in the uncertain time we have
in front of us.
To successfully realize all the plans we have, we need the help of all of you
either is, or can imagine becoming, Friends of New Noise (WATER).
Potential releases, currently curated limited-edition vinyl, are already in line.

Until more information comes their way via this website, please note our
brand new slogan (Soon on a t-shirt near you!); If it ain ́t New Noise, it ́s just noise.
Help us spread the good word about our publications, and other antics, to all
imaginable pleasure from it.

Tom & Freddy

Photo : Ellen Midtfjeld kandusi.no