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Chip Taylor - Can I Offer You A Song. (2XLP) Black vinyl

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Chip Taylor- Can I offer you a song (Friends of New Noise )

In the section for top understatements, the question «Can I offer you a
song? » high on the list if your name is Chip Taylor.
Yonkers, New York singer / songwriter Chip Taylor (eg. James Wesley Voight) has
offered songs to a responsive audience and other artists through seven decades.
The list of big names who have accepted Chip Taylor's offer of songs is closest
endless and contains i.a. Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, The Troggs, Willie Nelson,
Waylon Jennings, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt,
Chrissie Hynde, Shaggy and Paal Flaata. Recently, English The Specials joined it
exclusive club with making its version of one of the new millennium's most precise and
important songs, "Fuck all the perfect People", on his new album, "Protest Songs 1924-
2012 ».
The song is of course originally found on Chip Taylor's 2012 album «Fuck all the
perfect People ». The Specials version is simply a homage to Chips original.
Chip Taylor made a comeback as an artist and songwriter in 1993, after using them
previous fourteen years as a professional gambler.
No song / songwriter has been as productive as Chip Taylor so far
career, with around 25 album releases, ten just since «Fuck all the Perfect People».
It is therefore no great surprise that Chip Taylor's new album, entitled «Can I
offer you a song », is a double album, with 20 brand new songs, recorded during the pandemic
in two sessions, September and December. Completed with practical internet studio technology
by Chip and his main collaborator over the last decade, pianist and producer Gøran
The recordings you get on "Can I offer you a song" sound like Chip and Gøran,
accompanied by guitarist John Platania on eight songs, has moved into your living room.
There, the sage and storyteller, now 81 years young, sprinkles his experiences and thoughts
over low-key music where Grini plays piano, mellotron, bass, accordion, opitgan,
pump organ, guitar, harmonica, vibraphone, carillon, organ, wurlitzer piano, una corda,
drums and percussion.
It's strictly speaking just to sit back in the easy chair, pour a good whiskey,
or a well-chosen glass of wine, and let yourself be taken to the world of Chips.
Friends of New Noise (New Noise Album) slipper «Can I offer you a Song» i et
limited edition of one hundred numbered copies of whiskey-colored and whiskey-colored
with two-melted-ice-cubes-vinyl.
The double album, packed in a particularly beautiful cover, was designed by Elin Olsson and is also available in a regular version on black vinyl.





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