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Geir Sundstøl - St.Hanshaugen Steel (CD)

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RELEASED Friday, October 1st.

The Lord of the Strings, Geir Sundstøl, is back with his fourth solo album, St. Hanshaugen Steel.

St.Hanshaugen Steel is a tribute to a steelworks of the same name, which was in operation between 1890 and 1969, and was located on beautiful St.Hanshaugen in Oslo, where Sundstøl is located. The album entices us on a dream journey through soundscapes of rare instruments, angelic guest appearances, amusement park attractions and 60s sci-fi, to name a few.

Sundstøl's sound is cinematic, but genreless, experimental and at the same time refreshingly open to any curious listener. The organic and subtle are now mixed with a new palette of synthetic paints, an inevitable result of Sundstøl's escalating GAS disorder - gear acquisition syndrome .

Like Sundstøl's previous releases from Hubro, St. Hanshaugen Steel is mixed by Bård Ingebrigtsen and mastered by Helge Sten.

Sundstøl's fixed weapon carriers are included; keyboardist David Wallumrød, drummer Erland Dahlen, bassist Jo Berger Myhre and bassist Mats Eilertsen. The silver boys sprinkle their gold dust over Sundstøl's music for the first time on this album, and another unique voice, new in this context, is Arve Henriksen, who puts his expressive mark on the opening track, Våg.


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