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OMAR Kjøleskapsmagnet (5X8 cm.)

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Omar Is Everywhere! 5X8 cm.

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Omar is Everywhere
Omar Østli is something as rare as a guitarist with super powers!
That is why he succeeds in being in many places at the same time, albeit occasionally
a bit of confusion for himself and his many fellow musicians, but Omar is in truth
There is a common perception in the music city of Halden that Omar plays in all bands and is involved
on all plates.
That is why the record company New Noise Album in Halden has initiated the campaign «Omar is
everywhere ", in itself a homage to the song" Elvis is everywhere "by Mojo Nixon from 1987.
The campaign promises to make sure it comes with an "Omar is Everywhere" sticker
all records that Omar plays on released by New Noise.
These are stickers that will easily cheer up every conceivable and unthinkable
At irregular intervals, New Noise will premiere submitted documentation of such
unimaginable locations with goodies from the company's ever expanding catalog.
The documentation will be collected and published on a specially dedicated Facebook page.
Are you ready to make an even clearer effort for "Omar is Everywhere" -
campaign you get an "Omar is Everywhere" t-shirt.
Omar Østli currently plays in his own solo band, Onkel Tuka, The Salmon Smokers, Hege
Brynildsen Band, Tor Brynildsen Band and occasionally with Paal Flaata, Iain Matthews,
Luke Elliot and Åse Kleveland.
If Belfast Muslims still existed, Omar would have played with them as well.
In any case, he will deny that he plays in Bobben Roll's Brennevinstrio!
Omar Østli's latest own album release is Central Pensjonat (New Noise Album New LP 7)
who recently got five on the dice by Geir Rakvaag in Dagsavisen.


Here is the group for everyone who has seen Omar in one form or another somewhere in the world:


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