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Gene Clark – The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 (2XLP) RSD 2024 LTD. Translucent Tan edition

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Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with a color 24-page booklet with album notes and rare photos this 24-track double LP set is extremely rare with limited copies available on Discogs (9) or Amazon (1) as it had a limited release in 2016 from Sierra Records.

Beyond his achievements as a founding member of the Byrds, rock & roll hall of fame inductee Gene Clark was truly one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of the rock era. The album introduces previously unreleased studio sessions from Clark’s pre-Byrds days in 1964 to his 1982 reunion with his former bandmates Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke as Nyteflyte. Since his passing in 1991, many of Gene Clark’s home demo recordings and various live recordings have been released. Actual studio recording sessions were rare and their existence was more rumor than fact until this release. This is essentially an alternative history of Gene Clark’s most productive years as a songwriter.


Record Store Day 2024 issue on translucent tan vinyl. With book. Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide 



  1.  LP  
    1. The Way I Am
    2. I’d Feel Better
    3. That Girl
    4. A Worried Heart
    5. If There Is Love
    6. Back Street Mirror
    7. Don’t Let It Fall Through
    8. Back To The Earth Again
    9. The Lighthouse
    10. The Awakening Within
    11. Sweet Adrienne
    12. Walking Through This Lifetime
    13. The Sparrow
    14. Only Yesterday’s Gone
  2.   LP  
    1. She Darkened The Sun
    2. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
    3. She Don’t’ Care About Time
    4. Don’t That Road Look Rough and Rocky
    5. Bars Have Made A Prisoner Out Of Me
    6. One Hundred Years From Now
    7. The Letter
    8. Still Feeling Blue
    9. No Memories Hangin’ Round
    10. I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better


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